Services Getting Started

Welcome to our Services section

In our Services section you will have access to our APIs and Dashboards.

Notice that you may need special permissions for some of the contents so continue on reading to learn how you can navigate through.

If you need access to any reserved area within Developer Portal just request it through the Contact Page.

API Catalogs

The API Catalogs menu entry holds the links to access the Public, Private, Internal and Web Services Catalogs.

Below you can find the step-by-step on how to consume and use our APIs.

1. Browse the available APIs

Take a look at our APIs to see what choices are available. Is there an API you can exploit in one of your applications? Use the supplied APIs to quickly construct a fully featured application.

Just access the Services menu and select the wanted catalog (Public, Private, Internal, Webservices) under the menu item API Catalogs.

2. Sign Up or Login


The Public and the Private Catalogs are Self-Signed, you can create an account with your personal or company´s email.

The Internal and Web Services Catalogs, you should use your EDP account to login, except for our PRODUCTION environment which you should only use a System Account.

If you have any doubt, please reach through API's contact page.

3. Register an application

Before you can use an API you have to register your application. When you register an application, the application is assigned a unique client ID and client secret. You must use the client ID when you call an API that requires you to identify your application by using a client ID, or a client ID and client secret. Check the API description for the details.

4. Select a plan

Finally, now that your application is registered, you need to subscribe to a plan. The plan determines the number of API calls that your application can make. Some plans are free and no approval is required, some require approval, and some require approval and a monthly subscription.

Think about what you need and choose the most suitable plan.

EAI-SAP Dahsboards

Please notice that EAI-SAP dashboards are only visible inside EDP Corporate Network.

This section allows you to see some operational information if you have the necessary authorization. Such information can be for example the Five most used APIs, Total errors by API, Top consumers, Error distribution per Consumers, etc.

All dashboards (one for each production server) can be filtered to obtain the operational results that you need to see.