Getting Started

So, what is Developer Portal?

Before saying what is Developer Portal let's play a game.

Imagine your home. Inside your home you have people and usually more stuff than you need but that exist for some reason. Everything has a status (even if it is a broken one...), a place to be (unless you have kids), and some form of interaction with the ones who live there or visit respecting some sort of rules and order.

Now imagine you have a tool wich gives you imediate access to a list of all the stuff you own and its status, purpose and instructions of use.

Developer Portal wants to be that tool to our developers community, giving acess to the most meaningful information about what really matters to them.

Is it for me?

Are you a developer? Do you own an EDP application? Are you an Architecture specialist? If so, Developer Portal is for you. Our goal is to provide you access to all the information you may need to execute your work. And if there's something missing that you really think it's useful for our developers community, let us know and we'll see if there's a way to add it to Developer Portal.

Everyone can see everything?

No. Some contents are reserved and need authorization to be accessed. That authorization is obtained by requesting the correspondent FS. This FS is approved by Developer Portal Application Owner after confirming with the owner of the information that is the object of the request that it is ok.

Therefore if you own information accessible through Developer Portal you may define the level of access you want to define for it and have a word to say whenever someone requests access to any reserved area that consumes your information.

On the other hand, if you are a Developer Portal user and you would have access to some reserved area that you're not authorized yet just request it through the Contact Page.